Recipe for Happiness, or Tummyache?

I celebrated Easter by finally making the flourless chocolate torte I’ve been salivating over since I found the recipe two years ago. I just knew that it would be a meal in itself, and it seemed like every other time I thought about making it I already had boxes of truffles or brownies or other goodies so that I wouldn’t be able to really appreciate it. With Girl Scout cookie season safely over though, it was torte time.

Into the pot went one pound of Guittard semi-sweet chocolate, one pound of butter, a cup of sugar, a cup of whipping creme, and, oh yes, nine eggs. Hours later my torte had baked and cooled and I topped it with yet another 12 oz. of semi-sweet Guittard chocolate mixed with another cup of whipping cream.

It was heaven, it was decadent, it was pure madness, and it was just what I needed. Some people have their midnight mass or their Easter egg hunt. I have my Live at Java Joe’s chocolate fiesta. We all experience spirituality in our own ways. Now to the bubble bath.

Overjoyed and over loved (and over stuffed),


2 responses to “Recipe for Happiness, or Tummyache?

  • Kerry

    Oh man — that sounds deadly!

    And…the truffles I’m making? I’m using Guittard. 🙂

  • curbsideprophecies

    Oh, baby. Guittard is excellent for truffles. It’s pricey though, so I think it just depends how grown up of a taste you want, how many people you’re baking for and who they are, (I hate to waste good chocolate on people who don’t know the difference) and the recipe you’re using. I like Ghirardelli sweetened cocoa for brownies, I have to have Hershey bars for my s’mores, and I think that Nestle’s is still the only way to go for old school chocolate chip cookies.

    Hot chocolate is another world entirely and I could easily talk for an hour about Max Brenner, LA Burdick, Scharffen Berger, Lindt, and others. I’ll never be a wine snob, but don’t try to serve me cheap chocolate.

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