Are You a (Mraz) Man, or Machine?

It’s amazing the damage a person can do with no common sense, a pen, and a product to sell. They write something with the best of intentions, thinking they sound deep or are really speaking to the heart of their audience, but instead the result is just off-putting and makes me want to run screaming from whatever it is they’re trying to convince me I need.

In my last job I put together websites for small businesses and I was always coming across these zingers – content written by customers for their own sites where they just shot themselves in the foot with their own best effort. A friend of mine who still works at the old copy factory just sent me this one. Now, you’d think someone selling insurance would want to play up the value of human life, of love, of family, of emotion. This guy, who I see as the “Anti-Mraz”, took a different route. Be ready to shudder, and not just at the grammar.

To: Lisa
From: Eric
Subject: I-Robot, or, return of the zing

If you owned a machine that generated thousands of dollars in income per year, would you buy insurance to protect against possible damage or loss? And wouldn’t you want to insure for direct damages, plus coverage for lost income while the machine were broken or worse yet, if it were destroyed.

Have you ever considered that you are such a machine?
To which Eric says, and I second it: Amen.


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