Five by Five With Jason Mraz

Today during lunch with my boss and co-workers, my boss went around and asked each of us what we thought our true calling was. I set aside my Eliza Dushku comments and thought about it, but nothing popped into my head, except for this. I mean this this – writing for public consumption.

And I do write for the public for a living, but it’s nothing as fun as this. Oh no, I write for The Man, using my years of education and training to remove all humanity from words and make them as corporate and un-lawsuit-worthy as possible. I also use my time to cruise the net and see what’s going on out in the world, and plan the best way to spend all the money The Man is paying me.

All the same, when my boss asked, “What’s your true calling?” it was tempting to say, “It sure as hell isn’t this,” and get up and walk out, never to be seen again. I did it once before, when I was younger and more tempermental and able to live on mac and cheese for weeks at a time, and it’s one of my proudest moments ever.

Our Jason Mraz was smart enough to do the crazy thing and bet everything he had on doing what he loved and it worked out well for him. The problem is, I can’t exactly go sit on a street corner and put a hat out for people to throw me money while I sit quietly and write. So I guess I’ll have to stick to my cyber curbside a while longer, prophecizing, mrazmerizing, and occasionally aerobacizing.

Besides, in my old age I’m more relaxed, more able to see the big picture, and much better at knowing how to use my work hours to my advantage. Who cares what my daytime title is when you and I both know my true identity is Leader of the Following of the Order of the Calling of the Curbside Prophet, Jason Mraz? Not I.

Your turn. What’s calling you?

Do the passionate thing,


2 responses to “Five by Five With Jason Mraz

  • The Real Chris L

    I’m going to be kicked out of the club (any club, it doesn’t matter which) for being so boring here, but here’s a list of things I love that call to me:

    1) AI research/projects. SkyNet, here I come!
    2) Ancient History

    I could be happy if you plunked me on a streetcorner with a powerful computer, and solved non-discrete output problems with neural nets, until the cows came home. With a hat for money, obviously 🙂

  • curbsideprophecies

    Oh Chris, you’ve missed the point entirely. Our little club is all about loving your crazy geekiness, so the more absurd your passion, the better. In fact, between your AI research and your Latin classes, you just might be crowned king around here.

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