Mraz Fans, Under the Sea

“They tend to be more aggressive and a little more bitey,” she said. “But they’re engaged and engaging. They live in the moment. They really seem to enjoy what they’re doing. They’d probably be good role models for us.”

Is this a comment about us Mraztafarians? Those of us who try to live by the words, and sometimes actions, of our beloved crazysexycool Prophet, Jason Mraz?

Nope. Sorry. It’s all about otters at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Maybe we should adopt them as mascots, hey? They’re cute and playful, loyal to family and friends, a little “bitey” *wink wink*, and happy to be on display. Sounds like a good fit.

Plus: “[All otters] share the same threats. They’re really connected, whether they’re in Monterey or Africa. You worry about clean water, you worry about people shooting you, and you worry about habitat loss and disease.”

I suppose we worry about those things too – our water supply, violence, affordable housing, germs – although they aren’t as an immediate threat. All the same, I say we reach out and make our first ally in the animal world. Let’s all head to the aquarium.


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