The Art of Harry Potter

I apologize. Yesterday I tried and tried to write something about Jason Mraz. It should be easy. I could write about the songs of Jason Mraz, the lyrics of Jason Mraz, how great Mraz is live, especially when it’s just him and his guitar doing the acoustic thing, or I could try to eek out another hundred words on his hair.

But I’ll confess – I’ve certainly admitted to worse on here – all I could do all day was study the new Harry Potter covers that were released and look for clues. It didn’t help that my boss was the one who sent me the link to the images and came by to help me analyze them. Yep, I get paid to goof off like this. It’s fun working for a book geek.

Thinking about the last Harry Potter book makes me a little sad. I could easily pound out a couple thousand words for you on all my theories and what I think will happen, but in the end all that matters is that it’s the end. With any kind of art you can make the argument that the work is a living thing, that each new generation will continue to interpret and experience and appreciate it in a new way, so that the process is never really over.

Take your favorite Mraz song, for example, (I knew I could make this work!) The way you felt when you first heard it is probably very different from the comfortable way you feel after the hundredth playing, where it feels like an old friend. A love song sounds much different when you’re in love than after you’ve just broken up. And the meaning and interpretation of other songs can change depending on context – reflecting current events, commenting on political situations, being used as the theme song on a crappy WB, er CW, teen drama. Poor Paula Cole was never quite the same after the Creek.

And it’s true that maybe someday I’ll have kids and we’ll read about Harry and Ron and Hermione and it will all seem new to me through their eyes. But. I’ll know how it ends. After July 21, 2007, the sense of mystery and anticipation will be gone.

At least until the movie comes out.


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