But Can Mraz Mambo?

I’ve been ansy in my car for the past few weeks so I’ve been alternating CDs between the Raconteurs, Lily Allen, the Gorillaz, and the White Stripes. Yesterday though I finally came home to the E Minor EP in F and it felt cozier than any pair of slippers, more nourishing than even the best chicken noodle soup.

It seemed especially appropriate as I sang along to “Galaxy” this morning because I was having very deep thoughts about a quickstepping Apolo Ohno. If you saw Dancing With the Stars last night then you witnessed how well that boy can move his feet, and not just around a big oval. And yes, I did start to feel a little guilty for falling into the reality tv trap, but I love dancing and I would feel worse if I was some sicko who was really entertained by five straight hours of blood, torture and heinous crimes on Crime Scene & Order.

Back to the galaxy o’fancy footwork. You may have read a post I wrote a while back where I theorized that Jason Mraz is great in bed because he has soul and rhythm – two key ingredients to any romantic encounter. Well I think Apolo may easily fall into that list as well. I can’t wait to see him swing.

The stars began to shake and dance,


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