Geek in the Pink… Starfleet Uniform

I am loyal to the point of being unshakeable. Once I’ve pledged my allegiance, just try to get rid of me. For that reason, despite the many half hours of unbalanced crap I’ve sat through over the last few years, I still tune into the Simpsons every Sunday. You could say that I watch them religiously.

Tonight was one of those nights where a spark of original thought came through, a little bit of the ridiculous fun that made me love the show in the first place, without being so out there that it turned into Family Guy, which is an ok show, but hardly worthy of being my screensaver, or even a keychain.

If you missed it, well, I can’t be bothered to write it all out for you. There are Simpsons geeks out there to do that. But I will say it had one of the best couch gags in ages, and then during the first half they did a Star Trek bit that involved Homer yelling something like, “Captain Janeway! Your voyage ended too soon!” while Lenny wore a Seven of Nine outfit.

And no, I’m not a trekkie. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Is Mraz pro-sci fi chicks? I’ll look into that. I’m sure he’s supportive of any show where different species work together toward peace and understanding. And have cool gadgets. And wear tight clothes. Send details if you happen to know though.

Don’t judge it by the color,


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