Wordplay, Alli Style

My friend Alli has previously given us gems like, “It smells like turtles,” and, “Help! I’m being jostled.” Today I would like to add to her list of playful wordage: bloobly.

It was her 21st birthday. We went out and she had many drinks. As we were leaving the last bar I asked if she was feeling ok and she said, “Yeah, I’m just a little… you know… bloobly.” It was said with a straight face. I said, “A who in the what now? Can you spell that?” And I swear, she gave me this exasperated look and said, “Bloobly – b-l-o-o-b-l-y.”

Like, duh, Lisa. You’re supposed to be the English major here. Gosh!

I had a very good long laugh at the fact that not only did she make up the word, but she seemed to think it was ridiculous of me not to know it. It has now become our official word for that state of being tipsy and woozy and dizzy, but not so drunk that a trash can should be kept near by.

So, Jason Mraz, the next time you’re writting some sweet little ditty and you want to give me a little nod and a wink, just throw a “bloobly” into the lyrics. I’ll know and you’ll know, but we won’t be encumbered by everyone else talking about it. We will, in fact, be unencumbered.

Look it up.

Tangled up in lines,


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