Meet Me Halfway – And Bring the Cookies

After posting yesterday’s blog on Mraz and travel and finding your way home again, I did a quick Google and found an interview on where Mraz says this:

“I realized I really haven’t just settled down for six years. What does that feel like? Who am I now? What do I do? When I go to the grocery store, what things do I like to buy,” he asks, “cause I’ve been living off of catering and tour bus food and restaurants for so long?”

We are so on the same page, dude. Not so much with the tour bus – although I did do most of my traveling and commuting by bus since I didn’t have a car, so that sort of counts – but the bit about the grocery store rang very true for me.

When you go to the same store for years you know what aisles to hit and which brands and flavors you like. When I got back to California after living elsewhere for ten years I drove myself crazy trying to find foods I found in other cities that I really liked (oh, my sun-dried tomato-flavored cheese, where are you?), but that aren’t carried here, and then trying to figure out what I could feed myself. It was like having amnesia in a way. I knew I had to eat, I knew I’d done it before, but I couldn’t for the life of me figure out where to start. It turned into a lot of pb&j.

Then there’s the bigger questions, like, “Who am I when I’m at home? Can I be the same person I was in other places? Do I have to go back to the person I was 10 years ago?” Because I didn’t like her quite so much. She was dull and had frizzy hair.

Given the two old chestnuts, “There’s no place like home,” and “You can’t go home again,” where do you find a middle ground? So far I’ve found it by mixing our Scharffen Berger hot chocolate with some imported Arnott’s biscuits (cookies) I found at Cost Plus. Once I have the food thing worked out, I figure I can build from there.

Or maybe I should take a cue from Jason Mraz, and just think of myself as being halfway home.


2 responses to “Meet Me Halfway – And Bring the Cookies

  • The Real Chris L

    If you’re halfway home, does that mean you’re also halfway on vacation? Sounds half-relaxing 🙂

    It sounds like you want the best parts of both having a comfortable routine, and having exciting adventures in far away places. If you can manage it, let me know how?


    P.S. Being home does make you revert to old habits quickly, whether we want to or not. I’m very much a different person when I go home (to my childhood home), than I am when I’m at my home (my current apartment-home)

  • curbsideprophecies

    Hey Chris,

    Thanks for backing me up. It’s funny how people here will say that I’m quiet or shy, and I have to tell them that this isn’t the real me, it’s just the me that comes out when I’m in this space. That’s why I think home stopped being Home a long time ago. I remember back in college I would go home for Christmas, but would think about returning to Boston as going back Home home.

    Or maybe Home is wherever you are, as long as you have a little Mraz in your heart 🙂

    I’m sure that wasn’t at all confusing to follow, thanks to my brilliant use of capitalization.

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