It’s Hard Not to Make an “Ohno? Oh Yes!” Joke

I found the mistake I made in last night’s post. In talking about Apolo Ohno I said he was “goofy and cool” as if they were opposites. So not true. In my book they can mean almost the same thing, and together they’re closely related to “sexy” when executed properly – and decorated with a soul patch, or jaunty Mraz-style hat.

I love men in hats. Not baseball hats, but real hats, be they fedoras or newsboy caps or even a good top hat and tails. It’s the sign of a true gentleman, along with real shoes (the kind you have to polish), the ability to cover his mouth when coughing, and the manners to walk you to the door at night, or to your car, or to otherwise ensure that you arrive safely at your destination.

Jason Mraz hatHere’s one of my favorite, classic Mraz-in-a-hat photos, although there are many to choose from. I think I like this one because it looks like a hat my grandfather used to wear, and which is now collecting fuzzballs in my closet. Ah, nostalgia.

But have you seen his nails? Freakyscratchy guitar-playing nails they are. I had no idea guitarists grew them so long. I don’t mind, I just usually prefer to be the one doing the scratching. Yeah. That did sound cheap.

We are all in our own way very sexy indeed,


3 responses to “It’s Hard Not to Make an “Ohno? Oh Yes!” Joke

  • Billy Ray Cyrus

    Wow, Billy Ray seems to have made a comeback. And I thought he was a 1 hit wonder. I don’t miss the mullet though. 🙂

  • Emma

    I have a question, if i a website for my dads company and one of his songs are on there and i use ur photo in the hat in the box for the music, will i get fined? cuz otherwise i won’t put it on.

  • Beckaa

    you remind me of the msic my father wrote. he passed away when i was twelve.

    you are the only artist i have come across that comes close to his music, to your guitar playing, to your lyrics.

    not just a fan, but a listener.
    Keep up the stylish work.
    your great.

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