Extra Extra, Read All About It

Looking for a Monday pick-me-up? Do an eensey-meencey and grab one of our Prophet Mraz’s old journal entries. Time is irrelevant, they all sound fresh and feature enchanting gems such as:

Somewhere along the accidental route that thieves use to try to steal my youth, it occurred to me that the harmonies in Kokomo are supernatural and shouldn’t be acknowledged by anyone. It’s like placing two mirrors toward each other. That’s how evil enters our universe according to Extra-Spiritual Home Interior Monthly, a magazine I’ve made up in my head to please me when things go wrong at home and I have to relocate some furniture or kill a spider. I don’t like to harm things but sometimes my fear needs an ego boost and I must do what I have to do.

Apolo OhnoIf that’s not enough, turn on Dancing With the Stars. (And what’s with calling Heather Mills a “charity campaigner”? Can’t they just say why people really know her? She’s the nasty chick who screwed over Paul McCartney.)

I’ve never watched it before, but the one tasty dish who manages to be both casual and exuberant, goofy and cool, wicked and humble – and isn’t Jason Mraz – is taking a shot at this foot stomping business. I’m talking about Apolo Anton Ohno. *Sigh*

Bandanas have never been sexier.


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