Wanna Play Footsie?

In Kurt Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle, the Books of Bokonon teach the practice of boku moru. The idea is that by sitting and touching the soles of your feet, you also touch the soul. It’s a nifty idea. 

I don’t know that the Prophet Mraz has any particular feelings about feet, but he does seem like a cuddler, a guy who isn’t afraid to give up his personal space and hold someone close. And isn’t that what we all really need? A big hug from someone we care about? So if you want to try the foot thing, give it a shot and see how much intimacy your toes can achieve. If it’s not your style then I’m instituting a call to spoon. Whenever possible. Grab the one you love, curl up in bed and reconnect.

Another whole box of Pandora’s,


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