Straight From the Prophet’s Lips

Some words to ponder from the Site Official of Jason Mraz:

Currently working on his third studio album at home, Mraz makes time for surfing, landscaping, & meticulous recycling when he’s not writing or playing the role of photo-docu-manitarian. “That’s a word I made up to make taking Polaroids sound more profound. Anything creative, like gardening, cooking, taking snapshots, or even sports… is juggling a sport? Anyway, it’s what I like to refer to as ‘fillin’ up the well.’ If what you’re putting into your body and mind is good stuff, then good stuff is what you’re most likely going to give out.”

I love that idea of “fillin’ up the well”. I remember feeling very cold and empty in Boston one winter, so I took myself to the Museum of Fine Arts. A few hours of taking in Greek classics and French impressionists and American modernists, and I felt healthy and full again. It was a beautiful way to jump start the emo-tillectual part of my brain that had somehow clicked off, so I started making a pratice of it, heading somewhere culturally stimulating whenever I felt too disconnected and unenchanted with life. 

If you can’t find a good museum, grab your own camera, or put on some music, or read Nabokov, or watch a good film, or maybe sit under a tree. Do what works for you. The only rule in the Doctrine, after all, is “no rules”.

Grab your head and your heart, take them out and fill them up.


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