Searching for Jason Mraz

According to Google, Lisa Turner (that’s me) plus Jason Mraz equals sex. Nifty. Far cooler than if it came up with, say, Pasta Roni.

Other Google searches that successfully lead here: Mrazturbation, chocolate Mraz, and Mraz hair.

But can a search for the true Mraz really be confined to just a few Technorati tags? It seems so unfair, especially when the best words to describe him aren’t really words at all. I mean, how many people are going to Google “funktacular” or “audiotantric” or “splendiferous”? Yes, I know, that last one really is a word, but is sounds fake, don’t you think? It’s a Tigger sort of word, like “bouncety” or “super-iffus”.

And did you know that “Tiggerish” made it into the Oxford English Dictionary in 2004? So did “Muggle”. There was even a petition to Tony Blair to declare the Hundred Acre Wood a Tiggerist Republic. It was denied, so perhaps the ex-PM was more of a Piglet man.

But back to our own little Mrazonistic wordplay. I think if Mraz can invent a language of his own with his right kind of phrases, à la “zim bah yow” and “ooh fa la”, then there should be a better way to capture this unique style and vocabulary for tagging. Other religions believe people can speak in tongues when they’re in a trance or a state of religious ecstasy, and I’ve heard plenty of people speak in Jason’s tongue during one of his glorious love revivals/traveling salvation shows/concerts. I say this spontaneous happy jabbering, or “glossolalia” as the scholars call it, is legit, and we should get it on the books.

So the next time you’re Googling for Mraz, type in “rizza doodle teee doh so oh”. This is the only place you’ll find it, so it should work every time.

We’ll teach Google to speak like us.

Ooh’s and ah’s and fa-la-la’s,


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