For Love of the Absurd

What’s truly absurd is that I had to look up the spelling of the word absurd because my gut instinct was to spell it ubsurd. And if you don’t see the absurdity in that, consider that I make my living as a copywriter. Yep. Without spellcheck I would be up a creek without an i or an e, except after canoe.

I love the ridiculous. I love to laugh. I love goofballs. You might not think that’s such a big statement, but in peeking around the corners of the web for Mraz-related writings I found a shocking number of anti-Mraz bloggers, also known as “philistines”.

The number one complaint of most of these no-imagination, hope-less little snots? “Jason Mraz is so uncool.”

Ah yes, of course. We’re all still in 7th grade.

Even better, forget 7th grade and join me on this groovy 80s flashback: It’s like that episode of Family Ties where Jennifer is trying really hard to fit in with the cool girls, just for the sake of being cool, and then she realizes that being cool is no fun. The popular girls are just mean all the time, nobody really likes them, they badmouth everyone else, they think everything that doesn’t center on them is dumb, and they spend a lot of time working really hard to look bored. Finally Jennifer wises up and says, hey, I’m a nice person. I like people, I like things, I don’t want to waste all my time being cruel and acting blasé. (And no, she never used the word blasé, but I love to use words with accents.) In short, she didn’t want to worry (or brood) her life away. Those old sitcoms always had a lesson to learn.

And that’s why I like goofballs. I appreciate people who like people, who like things, who have an interest and natural curiosity about the world around them. Goofballs want to jump in and enjoy themselves, even if it means looking ridiculous in front of the cool kids, who really aren’t cool at all (and certainly aren’t Mrazalicious). I like my friend, Alli, because she’ll stop in the middle of a crowded Disneyland and yell, “Help! I’m being jostled!” I like Jaime Oliver because he doesn’t use the proper terms for kitchen stuff, but just says to “give it a bash” or whatever cute English thing he comes up with, and saves English schoolkids from poor nutrition in the meantime.

And that’s why I adore Jason Mraz. He makes funny faces when he sings and his hair is crazy and he tells silly jokes, but he’s always having fun and he makes me have fun. And if a man who can create his own cool is hot, then the Prophet is burning up with cool.

Chillin’ like ice cream fillin’,


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