Jason Mraz, Live in Your Living Room

How was your weekend? Did you enjoy a little sunshine and a few hours of relaxation? If you’re looking for a way to enhance your cozy afternoons, take a look at archive.org‘s long list of live Jason Mraz shows.

I love the early recordings from the Java Joe’s days, partly because it’s all so pure and raw and I think Mraz is best stripped down (pause, groan over the pun, picture it anyway, move on) but also because I love to see that over the years, he really hasn’t changed. Grown, yes. But the banter, the intimate chatting with the audience, the fully in-check ego, the goofiness – it’s all the same.

 When I saw Mraz at the Fillmore in San Francisco in 2005, the venue was packed. But in the middle of the show he had all the lights turned on and asked for ideas from the audience to write his next song. He told (a bunch of noisy and drunk) people to raise their hands and he would call on them one at a time… and it worked. There was no rock star pretense or posturing, just a laid-back night of music and hanging out with friends. And the song he pulled out of it was amazing.

A man who can think on his feet is sexy indeed. Listen to a few dozen shows and you’ll see that although some of the same lines and jokes pop up here and there, it always comes off as fresh. And no matter what happens during the show – crazed girls throwing themselves at him, or pelting him with gifts – he can always play it off. Impressive, and great background entertainment for an afternoon when your hands are covered in cookie dough.

Have you been kind today?


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