This Isn’t Just a Sex Article. Promise.

Jason Mraz is phenomenal in bed.

Ok, right, well, it’s not like I have any hard evidence of this. Hee. Hard. I’ve never even met Mr. Mraz in person. But it’s the day after Valentine’s and I was thinking about next year and what kind of man I would build for myself if I wanted to pull a Spike/Robo-Buffy sort of thing, and I decided that really, I would want a man whose best daylight attributes carried over into more quietly lit activities.

So I just saw Jason perform in Lake Tahoe a few weeks ago, and every time I see him live I think that if the way he moves and grooves on stage is any indication, then this guy could knock off anyone’s socks, and pants, and even those bras with the difficult front clasps that you have to sort of twist, then lift apart. Just try to follow along with the way my mind has tied this all together.

The last two times I saw Jason, the show started with him casually walking onto the stage, picking up a guitar, and then easing into the music. It wasn’t an ego-fueled rock star show, it was just an evening with our super talented friend, Jason Mraz. I love that. I feel like Jason’s saying, ‘I don’t have to make a big deal about it. I’m good at what I do, you’re going to be thankful for what you’re about to experience, so just sit back, relax and let me soothe your body and soul with my vocal caresses.’ That’s exactly how foreplay should feel, but with more rubbing. And a little scratching. Just… you know… little bit.

Even without the full band behind him, Jason and Toca build up a big sound that makes everyone want to shimmy and wiggle and celebrate being alive. I couldn’t get enough of the way he moves his hips and feet and shoulders in a fluid, round-and-round we go, hop on my tasty merry-go-round pelvis sort of way.

Girls, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: musicians make the best lovers because it’s all about rhythm. If a guy can keep a beat and feel a groove, he’ll know just when to move, to where and for how long. This doesn’t mean all band geeks are Casanovas-in-waiting, but a man who can feel the music pulsing through his own body will be able to find the music in yours. Mmmmm.

Alright, so Jason may not be your typical rock god. He’s a goofball. He’s la la la lovely, but not in the same Teen Beat way as a Justin Timberlake or dark, mysterious way of my Dave Navarro. But he does have lasting power. He opened the show with “Plane”, a huge, emotional way to start the night. I would have done it for a huge climax at the end, but that’s why I’m not in charge. I mean, after a beginning like that I almost didn’t have enough left to last for another two hours. But that just goes to show how much stamina Jason has, which is key.

I’m sure Jason himself would say he has many flaws, but that’s just him being humble. Still, just to make sure I’ve explored his many nooks and crannies, I’m going to keep up my research. Because when you write about your obsession you’re a “journalist” and not a “stalker.”

Remember where the love is found,


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